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What will you choose?

Short term fad Diet or long term realistic lifestyle.


What does the word Diet mean to you?

 Eating salad & exercising every day?

Seriously restricting your calories down to hit your target on the scales?

Eating foods that you hate just to lose those lbs?

How many times have you said I just need to lose this 2 stone in weight; then I will be ready for my holiday or for a certain occasion?

How many times have you heard a friend, family member or work colleague say ‘you should try this diet it’s great’?

Trust me I know as I have struggled in the past with my weight & have walked the walk many times myself, trying my fair share of fad diets.

Have you ever stopped & thought if these so called diets, juices, meal replacement shake plans are so great then how come pretty much most people long term, will always pack the weight back on; plus loads more?

Are you going to stay on your new diet for the rest of your life?

 If not what are you going to do?

A major bugbear of mine is when I hear the words ‘yeah but when I finish my diet & go back to eating normally’ (I have also been guilty of using those words).

 Well I’m sorry but if you feel like crap & you’re overweight; you really aren’t eating normally.

The reason being is that fad diets are aimed at a short term fix as that’s what we crave; that quick weight loss. So some smart arse devises a diet; gives it a catchy name & then sells it to you.

Now if you really thought about it, the most intelligent answer would be to aim for a long term sustainable solution. Something that would put your health & wellbeing first & the weight loss & feel good factor would be a great side effect.

Well in my opinion there most definitely is an answer & it’s pretty simple really. Take the time to learn what works for your body and how to fuel it correctly.

As humans we are very lazy & greedy; that’s why the quick fix always seems so attractive to us. But in all honesty we are totally screwing our bodies over with the constant yo-yo fad dieting.

In the UK alone there are predicted figures that over 50% of the population will be classed as obese by the year 2050 (which is bloody frightening); so it shows you that clearly all those fad diets out there just aren’t working!

So you can either read my blog post & do nothing or reach out & look for the long term solution.

One thing that really amazes me is that people willingly spend thousands of pounds on possessions, but when it comes to the most important possession they will ever have (their body); they will always look for the cheaper short cut alternative.

Invest in your future; it will be worth every penny.

Like I said previously, I have walked the fad diet walk many times & it simply doesn’t work.

I’m currently investing a lot of time & money learning my trade as a nutritionist. First & foremost to benefit me & my family; then to educate as many people as possible (as I believe we should all be educated to a high standard about our nutrition starting from birth).

As I reflect through the years on how man has progressed on pretty much everything within the world; it’s pretty damn amazing; yet if you ask over 90% of the population about their nutrition, they don’t have a clue what they or their family are actually fuelling their bodies with.

Yes nutrition can be very confusing & complex because that’s just how some information will be put out there. Information that is aimed at top athletes who need certain protocols to help them perform within their sport; not average Joe just looking to fuel their body to be as happy & healthy as they can.

You really don’t have to live on lettuce leaves, chicken & broccoli etc. Great food doesn’t have to be boring & repetitive or cost lots of money. Make your food tasty & nutritious at the same time whilst enjoying a balanced diet.

So as I wrap up; my main take away points that I would like you to think about would be:

Remember this; THE SCALES ARE JUST ONE FORM OF MEASUREMENT, not the be all & end all. How about if you lose that 2 stone, feel like crap & then go on a binge; only to start the process all over again.

ALWAYS LOOK LONG TERM. Quick fixes or papering over the cracks will NEVER work, whether it takes 1 week or 1 year you will eventually fall off the so called wagon & feel like shit again.

 Look to learn about what foods your body requires to function at its best & to make you feel awesome.

Why would you spend your money on expensive juices & meal replacements when you could just eat a nice nutritious meal?

You don’t have to live like what some people call ‘a freak’ to get that awesome feeling & trust me when you find that balance you won’t go back.

Don’t be lazy; look to learn & enjoy your food, it may take a few minutes here & there to learn new recipes & prepare your food but in the long run; feeling & looking awesome will far out way every single second spent.

Yes there is a lot of free information out there, but in my opinion I firmly believe if you pay for the coaching & information you will actually take more in; as you are spending your hard earned money.

No this blog is not a plug to get you to sign up to my nutrition coaching; as I’m not currently taking on clients myself (& won’t be for a while yet); but I strongly believe if you get the right coach for you, they will set you up for the rest of your life.

 Just listen, learn lots & live your life to the max!

I hope you have been inspired & now feel empowered to make some positive changes for you.

Mark Flewitt  

Fitness Coach & Nutritionist


Make that commitment to an active lifestyle :)



So where do you start!!!!

Well like anything else at the beginning. Before racing off & signing up for anything; take some time & think what activity do I want to do or what will I enjoy. This is absolutely the key to helping you in sustaining & committing to a regular slot in your week.

Exercise basically equates to some form of movement & there is so much out there you are literally spoilt for choice!

You could commit to a gym membership. Some gyms will also offer studio classes within the membership & will include a gym program which should be tailored to you & your needs; with regular assessments to track your progress & will change up the program, keeping you motivated.

There are various clubs for football, rugby, hockey etc. These will enable you to become part of a team so this is a great motivator & also offers a social side to the exercise.

What about bootcamps & other group activities; which are also great, if you like to work out with friends or maybe meet new friends?

You could do cycling or swimming as part of a club or just a bike ride with friends or family.

Even exercise DVDs at home; (instead of watching TV) would be a good starting point.

Yoga, Pilates &Tai Chi are also great ways to exercise; as well as being good for flexibility & relaxation.

You may choose to work towards a competition of some sort to give you something to aim for; maybe you could start running & then enter your 1st 5k run or even a cross fit competition or join a team in a league; the list is endless.

For me; whatever you choose, the main thing is that you are training with a smile on your face, actually looking forward to your next session; this is key.

The reason I say it’s key is because a lot of the time people will start some sort of exercise because they want to lose weight/get fit; so when the weight is off or they feel they have punished themselves enough to get up to a certain fitness level, then that’s it, job done.

Unfortunately this is how a lot of people view exercise. I have seen it time & time again. They perhaps join a gym & go every day for 2 months and then quit because they think job done or they are totally bored shitless.

So if you’re a total beginner you don’t have to run before you can walk by going from zero training to all-out attack. How about picking one session a week; blocking out your diary so that it is your time to train, then maybe a few weeks down the line block out your diary for an additional session. You will find that by building yourself up like this & making that commitment, you are far more likely to keep up with your training than the all-out attack approach.

With training & nutrition (& I know I say this a lot) always look long term, life is a marathon not a sprint & you want to be healthy for life not just for that 2 weeks in the sun where you want to look your best.

Time is another issue with both food prep & training. ‘I don’t have time’ well I’m sorry you can get a great workout in less than 30 minutes; the time it takes for you to watch EastEnders or whatever it is you watch.

Exercise doesn’t have to be 100mph flat out totally busting your balls; to be classed as exercise, simply going out for a walk also counts; maybe you could ditch the car for your journey to work & cycle, walk or jog instead?

Exercise can have so many benefits. For example:-   Reduces stress, improves posture, strengthens your bones & muscles, reduces the risk of diseases, improves physical & mental wellbeing & the list goes on.

Look to progress onwards; improving on your last session, setting a new personal best in whatever you choose to do, taking little steps forward.

Within the classes I coach I try to make them as fun as possible but also with the progressive element; looking to better my client’s lives.

A big problem area I have noticed (& I also went through this myself); is that when you’re at school you have PE and you obviously don’t have any other transport of your own other than maybe a cycle; so you’re active at school, walking & cycling to get about. Then you finish school, get a job and start to earn your own money, maybe get a car, so you stop walking & cycling. You have extra cash in your pocket & you discover alcohol; then after your night out you finish off with a fast food takeaway of some sort.

This is where the problems can really start :(

Perhaps you also played a sport like football until your mid 30’s; finished and then started to pile on the pounds & basically gave up with any sort of activity preferring to watch sky sports.

Well no matter who you are, there is something out there for you. It’s up to you entirely to get off your arse & find it!

I also know a lot of people who you could say have had warnings about their health & have taken that warning with both hands & changed their ways. But it shouldn’t get to that point, so make changes before that happens to you.

So my take away advice is stop with the excuses, quit the TV & all the inactive shit & get out there and find whatever works for you & trust me there is something for everyone.

Have you ever looked at a friend & thought I wish I could do what they do?

Well you can, it just takes time, let your friend inspire you onwards, so you can then be the friend who inspires others.

Don’t be that person who gets that health warning get active NOW & be active for life.

Once you get into the active zone you will feel so good you will never look back.

Get the feel good factor.

Live life to the MAX & Be Awesome

I hope you have been inspired & now feel empowered to make some positive changes for you.

Mark Flewitt :)

Fitness Coach & Nutritionist